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June 04, 2006



Nice website. I'd like to try this soda. When I clicked on the Northern California locations, it said "Coming Soon." :-)

Have you ever had the Lavender Shortbread Cookies from Miette in the Ferry Building? I love them...just a tiny hint of lavender. Yum!

Speaking of which, whenever I see the name of that bakery (Miette) I think of this little table vacuum I saw a waiter use in a Paris bistro (or is it bistrot?)...it was sterling silver, I think, and it's called a "ramasse-miette". (I just looked this up in Google and noticed that this has a very different meaning in the world of "informatique."


Hmm... I wonder how the caterers got a hold of the soda?

I don't think I've tried the shortbread yet. I'm not really a shortbread gal, but I do seem to try every lavender product out there. Miette is a sweet little shop (or is it a little sweet shop?) Anyway, I'll definitely give them a try the next time!

I guess you would keep the little table vaccuum (ramasse-miette) in the cabinet next to your mini-blowtorch for creme brulée. What is the French word for that?


I discovered this soda at Babycakes, a gluten free bakery in lower eastside Manhatten, but unfortunately they do not carry it anywhere in CT.

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