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June 12, 2006



Ghirardelli's unsweetened cocoa powder is quite good.


Ghiradelli is pretty good. I'll give it a try, thanks!


My boyfriend makes the most delicious hot chocolate using Scharffen Berger 99% Unsweetened Chocolate.

1. heat up a mug of milk in the microwave for 2 minutes
2. Using a loose-tea strainer (the type that sits on the top of the mug: http://www.potlucktea.com/images/Strainer-Stainless.jpg), put in 4 oz of chocolate and abt 2 small spoonfulls of sugar
3. Let sit for a few minutes, for the milk to melt the chocolate
4. Stir the chocolate in the tea strainer until there is only a bit left
5. reheat mug for about 30 seconds
6. drink the yummy deliciousness!


wow, cara! that looks like a great recipe. i'll have to give it a try.thanks!

Luc M

I found some Poulain at this address:


I'm a huge fan of anything Green & Blacks (knowing I could get it out here made moving from the UK to the US bearable). The almond chocolate bars are the best chocolate EV-AH.

They also make an excellent hot chocolate http://www.greenandblacks.com/us/what-we-make/hot-chocolate/hot-chocolate.html or just add sugar to their cocoa which seems to be more widely available here in Seattle.

These also are INCREDIBLE. Pricey, but incredible. http://mirrormirror.typepad.com/mirror_mirror/2009/12/petrossian-hot-chocolate-on-a-stick.html

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