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November 16, 2006



Mmm... Licorice. I definitely also fall into the love it camp. I am amazed at the array of licorice types available. Thank you for sharing your experience with the Berlin shop, if not actually sharing the goodies you bought there.

Coincidentally, I was just reading about salmiakki, a type of licorice flavored with ammonium chloride. (Bizarrely enough, a recent random comment of someone I know has been "More information on licorice can be found on the internet." And which is validated by your post.)


Actually much of the strong, salty licorice favored by the Scandinavians has ammonium chloride. It's sort of a salty explosion of licorice goodness (and wierdness) in your mouth. The aforementioned Turkish Pepper has a lot of it. Here's that wiki-link on salmiak:


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