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January 11, 2008



Wow, that looks like a great book. It's so interesting to see how different the piles of food look. The American pile is so very packaged compared to the others.

The differences in cost and quantity are also quite striking.


ps: my birthday is coming up :)


I am not too sure how much stake i would put into those pictures. I find it real hard to believe that the family from Mexico drinks 12 two liter bottles of soda a week and the family from Sicily eats 11 loaves of bread every week.



i think that the images involve food purchase for one week, not necessarily consumption. keep in mind how much food we throw out in the western world. ~m

Colon Cleanse Geek

What an amazing post. The shocker is that as food becomes more available the amount of "junk" food increases. You can also see that in some cultures "junk" isn't even part of their diet regime.

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